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It's very easy to get caught up in the administrative areas of your business when operations are not running like a well-oiled machine. Problems like this take away time and energy that could be better spent increasing your profits and decreasing your bottom line spending. That is where our system comes into play. After an initial analysis of your business, we are able to offer personalized insight, communication catered to your needs, knowledge, and simplicity. With a tailored strategy, our firm works by your side to continuously to make certain your operations and benefit structure remain cost effective and efficient. Think of us as a silent business partner who saves you a portion, without owning a portion.

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Loop Wealth Management
Employer Sponsored Retirement

When we create an employee benefit plan/profit sharing plan, it is imperative that is affordable, flexible and includes desired thresholds. With cost reduction and efficiency in mind, our team will devise and build a diverse array of investment choices and models that fit the needs of you and your employees. We know that employers want superior performance with reasonable fees. We will work continuously throughout the duration of our client relationship to maintain a balance of cost-to-value benefits in an ever changing environment.


SEP (Simplified Employee Pension Plans)

SIMPLE Plans (Savings Incentive Match Plan)

Plan creation and administration
Loop Insurance

As an owner or executive, you are familiar with the risks associated with your position. A claim can mean income lost, or even closing your doors. This can all be avoided by making sure you have the right coverage in place. It is our job to help facilitate a well thought out insurance plan that will save you money. Whether it is commercial auto, general liability, worker's compensation, or any other coverage, we are here to simplify the process, protect what you've worked so hard for and support your budget.

Business Owner Policy

General Liability

Commercial Property

Commercial Auto
Loop Legal
Group Health

With the inception of the ACA employer mandate, we are seeing a change in plan offerings, carriers, and inconsistent premiums. We see this change as an opportunity. The landscape of the group health insurance marketplace is as competitive as ever. Businesses are leaving thousands, if not tens of thousands on the table by not shopping their group policy! Our goal is to not only lower cost, but to maintain or improve your current coverage. Supplemental hospital indemnity policies are also part of our extensive portfolio as well.

Small Groups (Less than 50 employees)

Large Groups (50+ Employees)

Supplemental policies

Representing all major carriers for most cost effective policies
Loop Taxes

Our team will help your executives implement strategies to optimize their future(s) through retirement plans, insurance, tax and succession strategies. We will assist the highly compensated retain more capital, as well as plan a secure retirement for executives and their heirs. In many cases, we dovetail the services of our "individual loop" for business owners and key people. This enables us to assist and improve on both fronts of our clients financial lives.

Wealth Management

Insurance for Individual/Key Person

Tax Planning

Estate Planning

The Loop Difference

Typically, business owners piece together insurance and employee benefits, putting their employees and the well-being of the business first and foremost. Shortly thereafter, the day to day operations become the priority, and many administrative costs aren't reviewed until they become a noticeable problem. Without a pair of eyes monitoring your situation, your employer sponsored retirement plan performance could be straying, or your insurance premiums may have gradually increased for years on end. These types of problems can have an adverse effect on your business, and often are very avoidable.

To aid in avoiding these many pitfalls, we implemented a systematic approach to helping our clients who own businesses in the same way we have for individuals and families. "The loop" for business owners enables us to take a big picture approach to helping existing businesses re-evaluate current coverage and benefit options, as well as assisting startups in the areas necessary to get those doors open.

  • Business Startup
  • Counsel and Corporate Taxes
  • Employee Benefit Structuring
  • Business and Commercial Insurance
  • Individual Wealth Management Strategies for Executives & Employees
  • Group Health Insurance

We monitor all of our provided services diligently to ensure your costs stay low and your efficiency remains high. We urge business owners to schedule a consultation with us, as we believe there is almost always an area in which our expertise can help. Don't let another day go by – get in the loop today!

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