Why the Loop?

Developing an in depth relationship is the foundation of any prudent wealth management practice – you are a person, not a number. The client's goals, tax profile, behavioral biases, tolerances and constraints are just a few examples of the criteria necessary to create a sensible strategy that works toward achieving individual goals/expectations. Being that there are hundreds of variables that can occur throughout your life, (market volatility, earnings, mortality, divorce etc.) the make-up of your financial plan can be often drastically altered. Therefore, this concept revolves around a relationship that is both recursive and ongoing. This means meticulous communication and data gathering is vital in administering all four services in the financial plan. When this communication doesn't exist, more often than not, it results in a deficient strategy that strays from goals and is not resistant to change. We decided to change that.

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Why is Communication Important?

We've established that there are four key professional services involved in a well-advised strategy:

Loop Wealth Management
Wealth Management

It is impossible to build a custom investment strategy without first pinpointing client goals and aspirations. Once we understand who the client is and what they want to achieve, we then piece together a unique plan around their financial picture. We're not really interested in pre-packaged products. If your financial professional isn't truly concerned with your goals, values, tolerances and constraints than it's time you think about upgrading.

Congruent wealth strategies built around your financial profile

Fully independent practitioners who don't offer proprietary products

A fee based practice – so we have a vested interest in the value of your wealth

Outstanding credibility and decades of experience
Loop Insurance

Insurance is an integral part of a sound wealth management strategy, key in strategizing all phases of the life cycle. We constantly monitor our clients insurance risk profile to best suit their needs, lower their costs and if necessary, utilize particular vehicles in the estate planning process. Our focus is to work diligently to truly encompass all areas that contribute to your financial health.

Insurance strategies formed to fit, compliment and optimize your overall wealth strategy

Life insurance - MA-PD - Medicare Supplement - pre-65 traditional plans (off-exchange)

Personal Property & Casualty coverage (Auto-Homeowners)

Fully independent practitioners – over 20 combined carriers to find the most cost effective coverage
Loop Legal
Estate Planning

Wealth transfer is often times a very complex process, especially if structured incorrectly by unaffiliated or incompetent parties. Far too often, people work the entirety of their lives to accumulate wealth, but do not have a succession plan resistant to incapacitation, heightened mortality risk or change in family circumstance. Whether you are charitably inclined or you have particular transfer guidelines, a prudent estate plan is what enables the end goal of your comprehensive, wealth strategy.

Structuring and transferring the fulfilled wealth strategy to your heirs

Wealth management, Insurance & Legal practitioners allied to achieve your goals

Avoid and minimize transfer taxes and fees
Loop Taxes
Taxes & Tax Planning

Because no one tax return is exactly alike, it serves as everyone's individual financial blueprint. It is imperative for a wealth manager to analyze and formulate a plan based on a client's tax profile. To help aid in continued oversight, we also provide tax preparation services as well. We feel as financial practitioners, it's our responsibility to stay current with changing tax law, thresholds, and regulations pertinent to client fiscal health.

Tax analysis and preparation

Business start-up, counsel and corporate tax structuring

Gift, trust and estate tax preparation

Maneuvering Inheritance complications

When these services are executed in harmony, they produce a dynamic result. When the client is exposed to life cycle change, legislative tax/elder law change, increased mortality risk, a spike in insurance premiums and market volatility, any and all applicable changes can be made instantaneously. This means you stay on track, optimize your resources and eventually transfer your wealth to those who matter most.

The Loop and You

As a firm, we are always searching for better ways to serve our client's needs - strategically innovating and improving the tired, disconnected method the public has become used to. Our system targets holistic efficiency, coordination, and compatibility in making the key areas of your financial life work in complete congruency.

When we say "get in the loop", we are referring to a three step process. First, we provide a comprehensive, bottom-up analysis encompassing all major areas that affect your personal economy. Second, we take that analysis and tailor a plan based on your criteria and needs. Lastly, we maintain that plan on a day to day basis for the duration of our client adviser relationship. A financial plan that is not inspected or recalibrated regularly is one that is destined for deterioration.

We think that this level of service should be the standard, not the exception. Surround yourself with people as dedicated to your goals as you are. Don't hesitate, get in the loop today!

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